IMG_5717Things are happening. Apricots, cherries, peaches, and nectarines have arrived. The farmer’s market and Atwater Village Farm were overflowing with their goodness today. I am so excited for the coming months, as all of my favorite produce begins to arrive. Yesterday, I toasted a baguette and topped it with ricotta and fresh slices of peach and basil. Today, the apricots at the farmer’s market were perfectly ripe, so I decided to make a tartine with mint and apricots for lunch. I bought a loaf of Mark Stambler’s artisanal homemade bread at Atwater Village Farm and used this as the base, instead of a baguette. There are so many variations of this dish I am looking forward to trying; cherries and thyme, nectarines and mint, figs and basil. Endless combinations all summer long. Top the toasted bread with homemade ricotta and finish with raw honey, maldon salt, and cracked black pepper. Breakfast, lunch dinner. It really doesn’t matter what time it is, because nothing is better than this.


choice of bread, I would recommend a baguette or slices of your favorite artisanal bread
homemade ricotta
raw honey or your honey of choice
olive oil
maldon salt
cracked black pepper

For this recipe, I didn’t list any quantities because you can really make it what you want. Here is what I did for 2 servings.
IMG_5711Toast 4 slices of bread. While bread is toasting, slice 2 apricots in half, remove pit, and slice into thick wedges. Chiffonade 2 mint leaves and set aside.

IMG_5712Once bread is done toasting, coat the top of each slice generously with olive oil. With a knife, spread a thick layer of homemade ricotta on top of each slice. Top the cheese with maldon salt. Place four apricot wedges on the ricotta and sprinkle with mint.

IMG_5710Finish each tartine with a generous drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of maldon salt and fresh cracked black pepper.
IMG_5716Serve with a salad of mixed greens and a light champagne vinaigrette.